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Washington University

Washington University in St. Louis is one of the most selective and highly-ranked universities in the Midwest. Indeed, for both the quality of its programs and the strength of its students, Washington University is comparable to many of the East Coast Ivy League universities (with, Wash U would argue, a bit more Midwest friendliness). Washington University was awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for strong liberal arts and sciences, and it is a member of the AAU. Every undergraduate at Washington University belongs to a residential college, creating a small-college atmosphere within this mid-sized university.

Admissions Data (2010):

Enrollment (2010):

  • Total Enrollment: 13,820 (7,138 undergraduates)
  • Gender Breakdown: 50% Male / 50% Female
  • 88% Full-time

Costs (2010 - 11):

  • Tuition and Fees: $40,369
  • Books: $1,330
  • Room and Board: $12,941
  • Other Expenses: $2,290
  • Total Cost: $56,930

Washington University Financial Aid (2009 - 10):

  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 64%
  • Washington University Scholarships (
  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of Aid
    • Grants: 56%
    • Loans: 29%
  • Average Amount of Aid
    • Grants: $23,142
    • Loans: $5,967

Most Popular Majors:

Anthropology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Economics, English, Finance, History, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science, Psychology

Retention and Graduation Rates:

  • First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 97%
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: 86%
  • 6-Year Graduation Rate: 94%

Data Source:

National Center for Educational Statistics

Washington University and the Common Application

Washington University in St. Louis uses the Common Application. These articles can help guide you:

Washington University Mission Statement:

mission statement from "Washington University's educational mission is the promotion of learning -- learning by students and by faculty. Teaching, or the transmission of knowledge, is central to our mission, as is research, or the creation of new knowledge. The faculty, composed of scholars, scientists, artists, and members of the learned professions, serves society by teaching; by adding to the store of human art, understanding, and wisdom; and by providing direct services, such as health care.
Central to our mission are our goals, which are to foster excellence in our teaching, research, scholarship, and service; to prepare students with the attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong learning and with leadership skills, enabling them to be useful members of a global society; and to be an exemplary institution in our home community of St. Louis, as well as in the nation and in the world.
Through our goals Washington University intends to judge itself by the most demanding standards; to attract people of great ability from all types of backgrounds; to encourage faculty and students to be bold, independent, and creative thinkers; and to provide the infrastructure to support teaching, research, scholarship, and service for the present and for future generations."

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